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Testimonial TPLO

Bruce & Liezl
Meet Liezl, my 8 yr old Belgian Malinois who underwent TPLO surgery on February 3rd. My vet’s existing  post-op protocol called for 12 weeks of short, controlled leash walks for bathroom breaks only. The surgeon, on the other hand, suggested I consult your rehab regimen over the same 12 weeks. I followed his advice and am happy to announce that x-rays at the 8 week mark showed the bone completely healed and my vet now convinced that your protocol is the more desirable approach to take in the future.
Attached below are 2 photos of Liezl in her “prison” just home from surgery and today, ready for her stair therapy. Your step-by-step guidance and phone support were invaluable in bringing her back to normal in a much shorter time span. I will continue to recommend your site at every opportunity.
Most sincerely,
Jack and Bard Carney
Captain is a 5 yr. old GSD……we might be a little partial to him but, he is absolutely the best friend we could ever imagine.  We attached a picture of him a couple days post TPLO surgery, a video of his recovery and physical therapy….thanks to Dr. J’s helpful hints
All the best!
Tobey, Jason, and MAC
MAC is a 3.5 year old Bernese Mountain Dog.  He is our “fur” baby, our big boy, and the love of our lives.  On January 31, 2013, he had TPLO surgery on his left hind leg.  Leading up to the surgery was a scary time for us, as we didn’t know what to expect.  I talked to 4 different Vets.  I had many x-rays taken.  I knew that both ACLs were going to need repair and I didn’t know what to do.  I googled and researched and came across  It saved our lives!  I downloaded the TPLO Home Rehabilitation Guide and it became the bible to us.  I documented each day of MAC’s first surgery and followed the tips and exercises.  MAC recovered from his first surgery and had a second surgery on his right hind leg on July 4, 2013.  We didn’t feel as nervous for the second surgery since we had the experience and the “bible”.  I documented each day of MAC’s second surgery and compared it to his first surgery journal.  It is amazing how knowledgeable we became and how were were able to assist in our baby’s recovery.  Thank you for giving us the tools, tips, and confidence to help our dog become a dog again.  I can’t say enough wonderful things about your website, programs, and obviously the caring staff behind it all!
Fran Pauly & Jed
Dr. St Clair, Thank you for your free manual download that I referred to daily during our 100 lb Ridgeback- Sheppard mix recovery from TPLO surgery. Your encouraging e-mails and reminders as to what I should be doing to help rehab. Jed, got us through this rigorous post op rehab.  He is doing very well and has free run now of his 4 acres.with no limping.  The only problem was during rehab.3 times per day, 7/8 of a mile each he walked and trained on leash, he marked his territory, and thinks he owns the neighborhood and is very territorial.  When we walk off our property he is on leash. Thank you again for all your support.
Patricia Peters & Quinn
Hi Dr. James,
I completed your 12 week survey but wanted to share my Grandog Quinn’s story with you.
My 5 1/2 year old  English yellow lab, Grandog, Quinn had both cruciates torn when he had his first surgery in January.  The more recent tear was repaired because he had more strength in the other leg for post op recovery.    I was limited with rehab with the first surgery because he would become lame in the still torn cruciate in the other leg. The second repair was done 7 weeks ago.  He is recovering beautifully and I am now able to fully use your rehab program following the second surgery.  Quinn is also doing water treadmill therapy.
I tried conservative treatment for almost a year when Quinn was diagnosed with a strain.  It was no fun with his size and energy level!    I made an appointment for acupuncture with another Vet, Dr. Jerry Scheck In Hopewell Junction, N.Y.  after Quinn pulled the leash out of my hand and chased a rabbit, remaining lame without recovering like he did in the past.   He confirmed that the ACL was torn and Quinn needed surgery.   The second tear occurred just before his scheduled surgery.  The main reason I pursued conservative treatment was that I was uncomfortable with the invasive procedures of the TPLO and TTA.  I had pursued the fish line repair but Quinn was too big for that procedure.    Dr. Scheck  told me of the Fibular Head Transposition repair done in his office by  Dr. DeAngelis.  Dr. DeAngelis is known for his surgery called the “DeAngelis Technique”.  He is semi retired and travels to local offices doing the Fibular Head Transposition repair.  And this is only 1 hour from where I live!
Up until then, only the TPLO had been recommended to me by every Vet I went to.  I scheduled the surgery with Dr. DeAngelis and you know the rest of the story.
I certainly hope I made the right surgical decision but so far all is going great.  Life has a way of working out!
It has been a long New York winter with two surgeries.  Spring is here and Quinn and I will soon be hiking our together again!
I enclosed some pictures of Quinn.   His baby photo won a photography contest!  He is beautiful and as you can tell, we love him dearly.
Thank you for all your guidance.  You perform a wonderful service!
quinn1   quinn2   quinn3
Hi, I have just downloaded the booklet … thank you so very much for providing such informative and helpful knowledge about TPLO surgery.  Our family thanks you, as does Annie, our patient! Most sincerely,  
Fran Pauly
Dr. St Clair,  Thank you for your free manual download that I referred to daily during our 100 lb Ridgeback- Sheppard mix recovery from TPLO surgery. Your encouraging e-mails and reminders as to what I should be doing to help rehab. Jed, got us through this rigorous post op rehab.  He is doing very well and has free run now of his 4 acres.with no limping.  The only problem was during rehab.3 times per day, 7/8 of a mile each he walked and trained on leash, he marked his territory, and thinks he owns the neighborhood and is very territorial.  When we walk off our property he is on leash. Thank you again for all your support.
I love my TPLO book! We had his surgery done at our local vet by a traveling surgeon.  The rehab paperwork was lacking in any instruction other than PROM and keep him contained for 2 months. I didn’t think this made sense as I have recovered from an ACL surgery and thought my slow PT was so beneficial. Why wouldn’t that help a dog? Your book has been a great source for slow rehab. My dog is so happy to get out and have his exercise walks as he was getting a bit of “cabin fever”. His 1 month check up was very good and on track. He likes your supplement and eats it quite happily.
Thank you so much!
Penny Sharpe
Thank you so very much for your video on TPLO SURGERY (that’s how I found you) & your online booklet & weekly guidance as well as your products, love & support.  I am so very grateful for finding you. I found you the day before my 5 yr old Siberian Husky’s TPLO surgery & all info have been a godsend to me & my little girl.  She is right on schedule in her recovery & I JUST ordered (today) your joint supplement to help in her life journey. Thank you again so very much! ((( BIG HUGS ))) PS.. Thank you for your love & compation for animals… It’s a great thing.
Rosemarie and Rex age 13 1/2
Hi Dr James,
Thank for the Home Rehabilitation Guide it is an excellent guide, much more informative than any information/guidance I had from my Vet.   My vet was delighted with Rex’s progress after his TPLO operation, it was thanks to your guide and supporting e-mails.  It certainly was a time consuming and energy sapping time for me, but worth every second.   A year on and Rex has just had his annual Mountain climb to a height of 3,000 feet, he was scrambling over boulders and going down steep ravines just like a mountain goat, he loves it.   At the end of the walk he was tired but with such a sparkle in his ear and wide grin on his face that said thank you, and he was glad that he was still able to do the things he loved.  He has a slight limp in his rear leg, but that is due to the amount of ligament that had to be cut away, it doesn’t bother him at all.
Thank you once again!
Cherry Arnold

Dear Dr. St. Clair,

I just wanted to thank you for your TPLO pamphlet. SUPER helpful, and I wish I had it 6 weeks ago when my dog first had surgery. I’m working with Patti at the Canine Joint for my dog’s rehab, which is how I found out about you.
I could write a lengthy email about my experiences with the pitfalls and perils of rehab and what the surgeons don’t tell you, with humans and with canines, but I don’t have time at the moment. I just want to say you are SO smart to be putting out educational materials for free. An equivalent in the human world that I know of is the Hospital for Special Surgery.

Silvia & Matthew
Yes, we are very happy with our purchase from TopDog Health!
We purchased the harness and the GlycanAid.
We started to give it to our min-pin regularly and haven’t had to give her the carprofen in over 2 weeks! Yeah!
We are giving it to our Austrailian Shepherd/Sharpei mix who had the TPLO surgery and we think it is helping her recovery time.
We then decided to start giving it to our 11 year old German Shepherd cuz it can’t hurt.  He is not showing signs of joint problems but it can’t hurt an aging dog!
Your emails/website/video information has been a tremendous help and blessing to us!
Thank you so very much  for all that you do to help people and their pets!

Hello!  I am a veterinary assistant in a veterinary hospital, but my purchase was actually for my sister.  Her 4 year old lab mix had a TPLO procedure done and I wanted her to have some guidelines for at home care to help with the healing of her knee as she is a very active dog.  I thank you for having such a product available to help people help their animals.  Thank you.

Mario Triolo

Thank you so much for your response Dr. J!  My wife and I (along with the surgeon) believe that our little girl had already torn her ACL prior to the first surgery.  She is a Pit mix, and she is our second of this mix which from what I understand are predisposed to this condition.  We actually just had her 2nd TPLO surgery last Monday(1/9) and thanks to your rehab program, she is doing wonderful on her left leg(the first surgery on October 6th).  After the surgery, the surgeon informed us that her meniscus was partially torn on her right leg, and the ACL was completely unattached but she had quite a bit of scar tissue so that basically confirms our thinking that it was already torn, just not as bad as the left side since she was not limping on the right at all prior to the first surgery.  I honestly would have purchased your supplement during her recovery, but I didn’t know about your site until after the surgery, and after I stocked up on the supplement “Dasuquin” which our regular vet and our surgeon spoke highly of.  Regardless, she is doing great already on the right leg after the recent surgery, and she is already weight bearing about 50% or more on the leg.  During the surgery, we also requested that the surgeon remove the plate and screws from the left side while she was under anesthesia to help avoid any future problems down the road.

Sorry for the long email, but I also want to thank you for all of your efforts in making the recovery so structured and extremely helpful.  It is great to see people in any profession nowadays to have as much passion and pride in their work as you clearly show.

Laurie Rogosheske & Duke
Hey Dr. James,

My Duke who had TPLO surgery about a year ago at this time 
of year is doing great and your weekly updates on activity and
therapy were extremely helpful to us in our process of recovery 
with Duke along with the guidance of our local vet that did his surgery. 
Thanks for all you do.
Chris Mara & Bayle

Hi Dr. James,

I wanted to tell you that your recovery guide was extremely  beneficial to me and my husband as we rehabbed Bayle after her first surgery (tightrope)  and then her second (TPLO).  Her second knee went out about 6 months after the first. It’s unfortunate, but know that this happens a lot.

She is doing extremely well and her legs are very stable.  I would have preferred the vet did TPLOs on both legs, but we shall see as time wears on . From what I understand, the tightrope procedure usually was done on smaller dogs, but is now showing durability and strength in larger, active dogs.

I certainly will go back to using your joint product – appreciate the discount coupon.  Again, thanks for your help – the information you provided was right on  to get our Baylee back on track and am sure it will help others who encounter same situation.

Thanks again, take care,

Wendy Poot
I would like to thank you for all the information on your web site and the
downloadable guides. My big girl is having a TPLO on Wednesday and I now 
feel that I can give her the care to get us through this, moreover I know 
what to expect. Your dedication goes above and beyond.  We have a long 
journey before us, but I am prepared.
Jessica Linder & Hunter

Hunter- 5 months post TPLO yesterday!! I have my silly, crazy dog back and he loves to run… and I love watching him! Thanks Dr. J…for everything you’ve done for so many of us going through surgery with our fur babies!!

Maureen MacDonald & Angus
We found the TopDog Rehab guide for TPLO surgery on the same day that  our 5 year old Golden Retriever, Angus, had his first TPLO surgery. Thank goodness we did. Without the TopDog guide, we would have been at  a considerable disadvantage in terms of helping Angus to heal and  regain mobility and strength. Our orthopedic veterinarian provided about three typed pages of confusing notes. They explained the  immediate post-op care for the first three days and what to watch for  in terms of abnormal reaction to the surgery. They also contained  general instructions to show up for an x-ray in eight weeks and then to start movement … and not much else. The TopDog guide, on the other hand, provides step-by-step information for the first few days and then for every week during the process. It  also contains photos and you can view related videos on the TopDog website. I firmly believe both the dog and the owners are helped by  these guides. Angus needed TPLO on his other leg four months after the first surgery (this was not a surprise. We knew at the start he would need both  done). When the second surgery was completed I needed to download and  print a new copy of the TPLO guide. Why? The first one was so well-worn and dog-eared that it was falling apart. That’s how much use it  got. And after 8-10 weeks, the second guide was in the same condition. I recommend the TopDog TPLO rehab guide without hesitation. It helped  our beloved dog heal more quickly and become stronger faster. And it  helped my husband and me get through a very stressful experience with  more confidence and assurance than we would have with just the  information provided by our vet. The TopDog guide was free. I would  have gladly paid for it … twice.  
Sandy Risner & Baron

My 3 year old German Shepherd Dog “Baron” was scheduled to have TPLO Surgery on his back left leg on February 22, 2010.  Not knowing anything about Post Surgery, I looked on-line and came across the most incredible site, “Top Dog Animal Health & Rehabilitaion”! It has been the most wonderful thing in helping with Baron’s recouperation.  Not only did the TPLO Post Surgery booklet down load and print in a snap, they check in with you weekly via e-mail to give you reminder tips, ect.  Having followed the instructions pretty close to their recommendations, you can really see a difference.  Baron is almost into week 5 and he’s doing amazing.  The physical therepy exercises helps him to actually use his energy, but at the same time help in the healing process.  The short video’s on how to approch each exercise are worth a few short minutes of your time to ensure each exercise is done properly. Once I found out they also are on Facebook, my life just got better.  You can talk to people who are going through what you are.  Everybody is their to support you, and offer advise on something that they also encountered and maybe had a solution.  It just works.

Thank you Dr.J and staff for all you’ve done and continue to do for my “Baby Bear”

Sara E. Petr & Meathead

Our 2 year old American Bulldog, Meathead, has his TPLO on March 14, 2011.  Even though we are only two weeks into his recovery I wanted to write and say what a help TopDog has been to my husband and me.  Post-op day 3 we brought Meathead home and his leg was extensively bruised and swollen.  They kept him an extra day due to the amount of the swelling and oozing he was experiencing.  I’m a registered nurse and I have a background in joint surgeries, but I can’t imagine someone with no medical knowledge feeling confident caring for a pet following this type of surgery.

Before Meathead ever came home I’d done a ton a research on what to expect, but I wanted to find something that could be a reference for my husband on the nights that I’m at work.  I found that in TopDog.  Your week to week guide was exactly what we needed.  Week one:  Ice the leg!  There’s my husband was in the pen with Meathead, the ice pack and a towel.  Week two:  Moist heat, massage and passive range of motion.  Again…  There’s my husband in the pen with Meathead.

 Not only are your instruction technically correct, but I think that by spending the time with Meathead in the pen he gets bonding time with us.  Meathead isn’t accustomed to being confined all the time and sometimes I can tell he’s getting depressed and anxious.  The time we spend with him icing, massaging or moving the joints still allows for time to snuggle with Meathead.

Meathead has his first follow up appointment tomorrow!  Crossing my fingers that everything is on track.

Carin Bruckner

Dear Dr. J:

I would like to thank you for creating such a wonderful place for dog owners to visit during such a very stressful time before and after surgery.  Your informative home rehabilitation guides and demonstration videos have been absolutely wonderful!  It gave me a chance to understand what to expect after surgery and how to best prepare for my pet’s homecoming and ongoing continued well-being.  Your detailed step by step weekly instructions are very clear and easy to understand.  I would highly recommend this site to anyone who is considering TPLO surgery.  I believe that physical rehabilitation including joint supplements is very important to a successful recovery.

You should be congratulated for your true love for animals and all the support that you have given us by sharing this vital information.

Thanks again.

Levi’s Family

Levi had his 6 week x-rays (Post TPLO) & everything looks great! THIS IS THE BEST FEELING EVER! It has been worth every second of all this hard work. It was this support system that got me & Levi through this very traumatic experience. This has been my life-line. I truly thank everysingle person on this site who has p…osted comments to all my questions & for all posts about your experiences that have answered many of my questions. Also the harness, ice pack, Glyconaid-HA & Flexerna that I have bought through TopDog have been incredible (I have used the harness up until yesterday & just put regular collar back on. We are the happiest family ever, 30 minute walks and leash for potty:) What an amazing thing you have done Dr. J…Here in Kansas City you are a celebrity & my family and I tell everyone about what an amazing vet you are. THANK YOU

Annette Donnelly & Cody

Thanks for the information. Here is what happened to Cody and his TPLO surgery, his  surgery was a complete success.  And, his recovery was a complete success too thanks to your booklet on TPLO surgery recovery.  I followed it faithfully and now

Cody is a “new dog”  Thanks again.

Terri Watts & Holley

Dear Dr. J,

First and foremost, I want to thank you for all of the wonderful information and products you have made available for dog owners. I went to your website and ordered the supplements and harness for Holley. I appreciate your email on what to expect each week and how I can best encourage healing after surgery.

Was able to schedule her for a surgery consult at A&M next Wednesday, the 13th.

As a lot of animal lovers, I am a bit apprehensive about the TPLO surgery. I just want to make the right decision for her health, well being and recovery.

Thanks again for making the rehab information available. Holley will have a much easier time recovering now that her “human” has the tools to help.

Barbara and FeeBee

I cannot tell you how helpful your TPLO rehab therapy has been.  So clear along with the email follow up and videos. A far cry from the one pager I received from the vet when I left the clinic 4 weeks ago after surgery. As of now she is not on any pain meds – just your supplements. We seem to be progressing nicely. I don’t see any evidence of pain, biting, careful placement. She has what I would expect is a little limp when trotting and when walking using the leg. Still favoring it when she stands. We are up to 20 min few trots with walk.  Figure 8s and puppy squats….all which are going well.  Again thanks for sharing so freely of your expertise.

Judy & Charlie

Finding your site right before Charlie Jo’s tplo has helped so much!  We use the harness and it helps so much.  I love being able to share on facebook too and hear from others.  Thank you for caring and all the work you do.  You really do understand the stress owners go thru before, during and after their dogs surgery.

Victoria Curran & Toni

“When Toni’s Surgeon, Dr. Leadbeater provided me your TPLO rehab guide book and advised us of your site it gave me so much more then paper.  A world of knowledge, compassion and support opened up and it made the road to recovery easier for me and Toni and for that we are forever grateful!!!

My husband would joke that the guide book became my bible.  I carried it every where I went and it stayed in the center of our home where I could constantly reference and check off the days tasks.  The guide book provided invaluable instruction and a way to stay structured on your dogs recovery.  I added a grid for each week so I could track rehab activities and curb the rehab to Toni’s recovery time.

I can’t Thank Dr. J and his team enough for such smart and clear assistance!!!”


After our 4 year old Lab had TPLO surgery, we picked him up at the surgeon’s office and all we were told was, to keep him in a small confined area for 12 weeks. Feeling horrible for my dog, I started to search the internet for rehab and ended up downloading the TopDog Rehab Guide TPLO. I read the whole guide within a few minutes and was determined to give it a try (after reading many very positive testimonials). Our dog did outstanding, he enjoyed every minute of the rehab. His 6 week xrays showed that his bone had healed 90% already and the surgeon complemented us on how well our dog was getting around. I told him about the rehab guide and he was truly impressed. I can’t thank you TopDog guys enough for this awesome tool for the recovery after TPLO. Thank you!

Jill Valentine & Quincy

Hi Dr. J. and Staff,

I just wanted to send a quick note to say “thank you” all for your support and information for my dog Quincys recovery.  I found your sight by accident about 1 week prior to my dogs surgery.  I have to say that If not for you sight, I would have no idea how to help my dog recover.  I printed the TPLO recovery guide and studied it from page to page.  It now looks like an old book because I refer to it all the time to see what I should be doing.  My dog is now 8 weeks post TPLO and he is doing very well.  Due to the information on your website and the recovery guide, my vet was amazed at  how well Quincy is using his leg and how little muscle loss he has.  If not for the information and TPLO guide, I think my dog would be weeks behind in his recovery.  In addition, I ordered the Glycanaid HA and Flexerna and see a huge difference in him.  I will continue to use these supplements for him as he is 8 years old and will need them for the rest of his years.  So thank you again, and I will continue to come to your website for information as well as ordering the amazing supplements you offer.

Nancy Missildine & Gracie

Hi Dr J,

I want to thank you so much for the work that you do.  My service dog “Gracie” had TPLO surgery on September 25th.  I was so worried for her and for my abilities to care for her in the same dedicated way that she has cared for me over the years. I did not pick a surgeon that believes in supplements or home physical therapy,  I am not sure what I was thinking.  I have cooked her food and taken her to a vet who uses an integrative approach for years.  We did acupuncture, herbs and tried to work this issue naturally but it was not possible.  The irony of me finding myself with this kind of surgeon makes me laugh today many days after surgery.

My first experience with you and your organization was the recovery checklist which was helpful in just checking items off and getting prepared without being overwhelmed.  I felt grounded in knowing this was a long journey that we are on.

I love the  rehabilitation guide.  It is clear and concise and I feel like I know exactly what I should be doing each day. I also appreciated the journal area as I have kept very detailed notes.  She has a tear in the other leg as well so we are likely to be doing this again.  I pray for a better surgery experience next time.  I wish we could fly out to you.

The videos are fabulous.  I feel very competent doing each new exercise with her.  I have watched the videos several times as I have built my confidence.  I still have not found those dog treats you keep talking about.

The emails are amazing.  I feel so supported by you and I do not even know you.  They come at the exact right moments when encouragement and support are most needed.  Friends and family are trying to support this but they really don’t get whats happening under it all.  They don’t understand that its really not ok to to have infractions at all nor that she is looking and wanting to do more than she can or should. Funny, I see my surgeon after week 8, I could call if I needed her but so far no calls, emails from her – just the final bill. LOL

Then when I thought I was completely supported, encouraged and en-powered by you – you did something else.  You sent me the supplements for shipping costs only.  That is more than any person could imagine.  I just can not tell you how much your information and support has helped me so far.  I have just begun the journey, but I know I can count on you and I have no fear about how we will make it for the next 5 months and 1 week.  We will do it one week, one page of the guide, one video at a time. This is what we needed. I can not think of a way to help you or thank you enough for your work, dedication and effort.  Gracie and I want you to know we appreciate you and your team.  If there is ever anything I can do to help please do not hesitate to let me know.  I wish there were more people like you out in the world.

Thanks and take good care,

Roz & Molly

So far Molly is doing fine.  it’s been a year and 5 months since her TPLO and because I followed your rehab therapy exercises to the letter, she is now running and playing like she’s never had a torn ACL in her life!  I continue giving her GlycanAid as I am hoping her right ACL does not tear as well.

Carroll Towner and DD Puppers
Thanks to her surgeon and YOU DD is doing great.  She had her TPLO surgery on Feb 9 which went very well; her staples were removed on Feb 23, again uneventful and will return for follow-up x-rays on Mar 14 or 15.  We are now 3 weeks out from her surgery and she is feeling so good it is a real challenge. A little background: DD Puppers is 78 lb, female pit bull 8 years of age. I am a 74 year old woman who weighs twice as much as DD but less than half the strength:) However, DD has been the best patient since the surgery and she is still very patient with me! Since your protocols and her surgeons are so close we are following your TPLO recovery booklet and if our success keeps compounding DD and I are going to have a very pleasant old age.  Thanks for your interest and concern.  
Rebecca Mello & Haley

Your information was very helpful for me and my 3 year pitbull, Haley.  She actually had TPLO on her back right leg on Feb 09, 2012.  She has had follow-up films and is healing very nicely.  She limps occasionally depending on the circumstances, but seem to overall getting better.

Thank-you kindly!

John MacEvoy, Mary Ann Capria, and Ryder The Knucklehead

Dr. J,

Ryder has recovered uneventfully from his TPLO surgery in February, and we attribute much of the smooth recovery to your excellent videos and advice on recovery techniques.  Mary Ann, Ryder and I thank you for your assistance.  Swimming makes up the bulk of Ryder’s exercise, and lately he’s been making great leaps (see attached) ryder