Dr James - canine physical therapy

About Dr. James St.Clair

Dr. James St.Clair, has been a outspoken voice for dogs health with a core focus on pet owner education since 2004. Dr. James St.Clair, warmly referred to as Dr.J, owns and operates a 3 doctor, full service, small animal practice in central CT. In the Fall of 2004 Dr.J founded TopDog Health & Rehabilitation, a progressive canine physical rehabilitation facility focused primarily post-orthopedic surgery patients and older arthritic dogs. Within 6 months of opening TopDog, he had created the first version of the TopDog Home Rehab Guide, because he recognized a major lack of information and inconsistency of information that pet owners where getting from their veterinarians, both the general practisioners and the boarded surgeons.

Over the years TopDogs focus shifted to the research and development of innovative joint health products and therapy support products. In January of 2010, Dr. St.Clair purchased a 50% interest in the manufacturing company of his joint health products. With this addition, Dr. St.Clair plans on continuing to focus his energy and passion in developing exceptional quality nutritional supplements for dogs in the years to come.

Dr. St.Clair shares his life with his amazing wife Jenine and their 4 Children; Emma, Andrew, Sydney and Max. Of course last but now least is their 3 dogs; Al, Franky and Marty.

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