physical therapy for dogs

GlycanAid-HA Advanced Joint Health Formula

    • Specially formulated with Hyaluronic Acid for dogs needing maximum joint support
    • Most comprehensive joint supplement on the market
    • Powerful blend of 7 all-natural, highest-quality active ingredients
    • Tasty chewable tablets – dogs think it’s a treat!
    • Guaranteed to work for your dog or your money back*
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physical therapy for dogs or physical therapy for dogs

What is GlycanAid HA

GlycanAid-HA Advanced Joint Health Formula is a highly-effective, all-natural joint supplement with Hyaluronic Acid specifically designed for dogs requiring the maximum degree of joint support.

At TopDog Health, we believe every animal deserves to live the happiest, healthiest, most pain-free life possible. Whether your dog is suffering from a joint disorder such as arthritis or has recently undergone orthopedic surgery, GlycanAid-HA’s unique formula includes the essential, high-quality ingredients your beloved pet needs to live a more active and comfortable life, and to regain the freedom to enjoy simply being a dog again!

What Does GlycanAid-HA Do?

    • Improves joint mobility and overall joint health – for dogs of all ages
    • Supports healthy cartilage and strong bones
    • Eases pain and discomfort associated with joint disorders
    • Promotes healthy rehabilitation for dogs in recovery
    • No adverse side effects

Why Choose GlycanAid-HA?

  • Most comprehensive joint support supplement available – containing TopDog’s unique blend of 7 all-natural ingredients
  • Highest 5-star approval rating – when compared to any other joint supplement on the market
  • Powerful unique formula – created with over 2 years of meticulous testing by TopDog founder and joint health expert veterinarian Dr. James St. Clair
  • 10 years of clinical use – enhancing the quality of life for beloved dogs all over the world, time and time again
  • Chewable and taste great – 9 out of 10 dogs think it’s a treat!
  • *100% satisfaction guarantee – if for any reason you (or your pup!) are not completely satisfied with Glycanaid-HA, you can easily return it at any time for a full, 100% refund

Extraordinary Ingredients

physical therapy for dogs

How Glycanaid Works

GlycanAid HA Advanced Formula is unlike any other joint supplement on the market. The proof supporting why it works so good is based on a two part philosophy.

First is the philosophy behind the formula. GlycanAid HA Advanced Formula was designed to be the premiere natural joint health supplement by incorporating everything a dog needs for the maximum level of support, specifically during times of increased stress, such as after orthopedic surgery.

Second, we have taken extraordinary measures to source only the best ingredients that money can buy.

In addition to utilizing only the highest quality ingredients, Glycanaid-HA Advanced Joint Health is manufactured with integrity and scientific backing, so that you can be confident you are providing the best for your dog.

Extraordinary Ingredients

  1. Methylsulfonymethane (OptiMSM®): Highly effective at relieving pain and inflammation, this naturally-occurring, easily-absorbed sulfur is an essential building block for all cell membranes – which is left out of most joint supplements. OptiMSM® is the only patented, 99.9% pure, premium distilled MSM on the market.
  2. Glucosamine HCL (Regenasure®): An amino sugar that is essential for maintaining healthy cartilage and joint function. Over time, the body’s natural production of Glucosamine becomes inadequate at preventing joint damage and must be supplemented. Regenasure® is a 99% pure, superior form of glucosamine.
  3. Chondroitin Sulfate (Chondropure): Chondroitin is a cartilage component that promotes water retention and elasticity needed for mobility, and inhibits many of the degradative enzymes that break down cartilage and joint fluid.
  4. Hyaluronic Acid (HA): A gel-like substance that is naturally produced by the body, which serves as a shock absorber and lubricates the joint fluid. HA given in supplement form has been shown to be effective in replacing damaged HA in the joints that commonly occurs from overuse, age, or trauma.
  5. Cetyl Myristoleate Complex: An exclusive blend of pure Cetyl Myristoleate and other long chain esterified fatty acids which help to maintain joint mobility and improve range of motion.
  6. Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C from Ester-C®): A patented, innovative form of Vitamin C that is 4 times stronger than regular Vitamin C, this antioxidant protects against free radicals that accelerate the aging process and aids in the absorption of the other ingredients. This non-acidic form does not cause upset stomach issues often associated with ascorbic acid.

How to Use

Whether you dog has or has not previously been on a joint supplement, TopDog recommends a proper loading dose phase for GlycanAid-HA. Therefore, in the first 4 weeks the maintenance dosage is doubled.

Directions for Use: For best results, use for a minimum of 30 days.

Initial Loading Dosage (week 1 – 4): Double the maintenance dosage below


Want to see how GlycanAid stacks up against the competition?

Take a look at our competitive comparison chart. At TopDog Joint Health & Rehabilitation, our core philosophy in developing joint health supplements is to utilize only the best, most trusted ingredients that money can buy and combine that with our unique formula that has been proven to work, time and time again.

It is this philosophy that has made the GlycanAid family of joint health supplements wildly successful.

The World’s Best Ingredients and the Most Comprehensive Formula Together in GlycanAid: Dosage based on 50 lb dog

physical therapy for dogs

Here at TopDog Health, we pride ourselves on using nothing but the best ingredients that are available to us throughout the world. Each ingredient that goes into our products undergoes rigorous testing for safety, quality and sustainability. We stand behind all of our products that go onto the market and we guarantee them to be safe, effective and fresh from the store all the way to your door. We strive for complete consumer satisfaction, from the health of your dog to the happiness of their owners.

If for any reason whatsoever you are unsatisfied with our products, you can return it at any time for a full, 100% refund.

Watch and see the amazing results!