Dear Dr. J,

We are so relieved to have a way to help our 13-year-old German Shepherd with canine DM up and down the stairs! She is comfortable with the front part of the harness on her body all day, and we just snap on the back part when she needs to go outside. Only one person needs to accompany her at this point, but we know that in the future it will take both of us. Because of the harness, we won’t have to relegate her to living in the garage downstairs in her final stage of life.

We do find that the back part of the harness is a little loose on her narrow hind quarters, but I think I can sew a tuck into those straps  to make a more snug fit.  Friends of ours are amazed at your creation—when their two labs were on their last legs, they had to improvise a sling by cutting open a  large canvas tote bag to carry the dogs down the stairs.  Thanks for making the body harness available.