Dear Dr. J,

What a privilege it is to have your rehab expertise!  Your website and emails have been a great source of encouragement and information for us.  We appreciate you so much!!  Our 5 year old black lab granddog Lexie who lives with us had a total ACL repair/rebuild on March 15th.  We have tried our best to follow your rehab plan.  Our vet is so, so pleased with her progress and so are we.  It has been a long journey, of course, but we are looking forward to a great recovery.

Our daughter, who is actually Lexie’s “mom”, is a first year vet.  She didn’t do Lexie’s surgery, but she did diagnose the problem.  Your rehab program has been a real education for her, even though she is not here to help carry it out (she lives 7 hours away).  Thank you for your part in Lela’s learning! Hopefully, she can use your information to help others.  Once again, thank you for making a great difference in our lives.  May God bless you for it.