Thank you so much for your response Dr. J!  My wife and I (along with the surgeon) believe that our little girl had already torn her ACL prior to the first surgery.  She is a Pit mix, and she is our second of this mix which from what I understand are predisposed to this condition.  We actually just had her 2nd TPLO surgery last Monday(1/9) and thanks to your rehab program, she is doing wonderful on her left leg(the first surgery on October 6th).  After the surgery, the surgeon informed us that her meniscus was partially torn on her right leg, and the ACL was completely unattached but she had quite a bit of scar tissue so that basically confirms our thinking that it was already torn, just not as bad as the left side since she was not limping on the right at all prior to the first surgery.  I honestly would have purchased your supplement during her recovery, but I didn’t know about your site until after the surgery, and after I stocked up on the supplement “Dasuquin” which our regular vet and our surgeon spoke highly of.  Regardless, she is doing great already on the right leg after the recent surgery, and she is already weight bearing about 50% or more on the leg.  During the surgery, we also requested that the surgeon remove the plate and screws from the left side while she was under anesthesia to help avoid any future problems down the road.

Sorry for the long email, but I also want to thank you for all of your efforts in making the recovery so structured and extremely helpful.  It is great to see people in any profession nowadays to have as much passion and pride in their work as you clearly show.