GlycanAid-HA Advanced Formula:

I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know that GlycanAid HA-Factor has helped both of our dogs greatly. Having two large breed dogs with knee and hip issues, we know how hard it is to find a product that can actually help our dogs.  It has been an ongoing struggle to find a supplement that can do what GlycanAid-HA Factor can do without any of the ill side effects. In these days, with so many products promising to work miracles, it is nice to know that we can finally trust a supplement that can do what it is actually suppose to do. Bailey and Morgan (our spoiled pups) have never been happier and full of life. Thank you from all us!
Alex Vargas

Just a note to give you an update on our soon to be 13 year-old Sheltie, Robbie. He has always been a very active and rambunctious fellow, sometimes driving us to distraction with his high-energy antics. As you know, for the last couple of years, he has been tired, lethargic and demonstrated signs of arthritis (struggling to get to a standing position and at times even limping), which I thought was a natural part of the aging process. At your suggestion, last August we started giving him GlycanAid. After approximately 4 weeks, we could see a grand improvement in Robbie’s condition. His eyes are brighter, he has more energy and he doesn’t limp anymore. He even brings me his favorite squeaky toy to play fetch and entertains us by playing  little tunes on the squeaker! Thank you, Dr. James (and GlycanAid) for giving us our “old” Robbie back!
Dennis and Joan Rusconi

My dog Samantha was put on GlycanAid during the summer. My vet had met Dr. James and his TopDog employees at a convention and he was impressed with the company and the GlycanAid product. Samantha was diagnosed with severe arthritis in her hips and was starting to have a very difficult time getting up. Since being on GlycanAid, you would never even know she had a problem with her back legs. I can’t believe the difference. My Sammy is back!
Nancy Dembicak

I love this stuff. I am a huge supplement person and when I read the ingredients I was sold. Our dog Sunny is now 16 years old and there is no doubt that GlycanAid is keeping him trucking along. Thanks.
Dan Tyler

GlycanAid Original Maintenance Formula:

“My seven year-old lab was having a problem with his hips after exercising and short walks. It was difficult for him to stand up. My veterinarian informed me that he had arthritis and recommended GlycanAid chewable tablets. Just a couple of weeks later and his mobility greatly increased. “
Rachel Francis


“This harness has been a God-send for our dog after surgery. We can’t thank you enough.”
“Bogey’s” Parents

“You saved my life and Hannah’s life. Without the SupportRx harness, I would have had to make the horrible decision to put Hannah down. Now she and I have a better quality of life.”
Mary Ellen Maloney & “Hannah”