About TopDogHealth

TopDogHealth is dedicated to providing essential and trusted educational material and animal supplements to maintain the health and happiness of your dog. We provide information and health products to pet owners whose dogs may be undergoing orthopedic surgeries such as TPLO (tibial plateau leveling osteotomy), TTA (tibial tuberocity advancement), CCL (cranial cruciate ligament rupture), MPL (medial patellar luxation), FHO (femoral head osteotomy), THR (total hip replacement), or for dogs suffering age-related or genetic joint health issues.

Our skin and joint supplements are designed to help your dog look and feel better. Skin supplements work to improve flaky, dry skin while using natural ingredients to make your dog’s coat shine. These supplements can also control excessive shedding and battle underlying skin conditions. Joint supplements work to maintain healthy connective tissues, strong bones, and normal joint function and joint mobility. Keep your dog active and content by providing a daily supplement that increases health and promotes an active lifestyle for your pet.

Aside from supplements, we offer a collection of home rehab guides and instructional videos to assist you in performing therapies and exercises with your dog. Whether you are battling canine hip dysplasia, TPLO, or dog ACL surgery (CCL) recovery, we understand the stress and fear that can come with bringing home a pet in poor health. It is our mission to provide the best educational tools to assist you in the recovery process. Our detailed guides will take you step-by-step from surgery to recovery, providing support and solutions throughout the healing process. Physical therapy for dogs can be challenging, but you can have piece-of-mind knowing there is support available.

Our T.U.S.H. body harness for dogs is designed to aid in the therapy process and provide support during the difficult time of post-surgery. This harness was created to help both you and your pet navigate safely through their recovery.

We understand how important your dog’s health is to both you and your pet. Our trusted products are here for you.