TopDog Home Rehabilitation Guide Videos

Simple short videos detailing each therapy and exercise to accompany your Home Rehabilitation Guide.

There is no doubt that video makes learning much easier, we have created simple short videos detailing each therapy and exercise to accompany your Home Rehabilitation Guide. These videos are presented in the same order as you will find in your guide.

Therapy Modality Videos

Cold Therapy & Proper Icing

Icing properly after your dog’s surgery is extremely important. Learn the proper tools and techniques for this very effective therapy.

Moist Heat Therapy

Heating is both very soothing and healing, but moist heat is far more effective. Learn how to do this safely to get the full benefit for your dog.

Massage Therapy

Learn the basics of the healing power that massage holds.

Passive Range Of Motion

A Rehabilitation Technique for your Dog

Strengthening Exercise Videos

Sit-to-Stand Exercise AKA “Puppy Squat”

This is the second most effective exercise and it is also often performed improperly. Learn some of the simple tricks to make this effective for your dog.

Slow Controlled Leash Walking

This is hands down one of the most important and easiest therapy exercises to master, but almost everyone performs it wrong. Learn the proper technique!

Stair Exercise

Stairs can be dangerous when incorporated too soon in the recovery process, but at the same time they can be one of your best assets in your toolbox of strengthening exercises.

Cavaletti Poles

Learn the exercise that top athletes use to build strength and balance.

Balance & Proprioceptive Exercise Videos

Figure 8 Exercise

Learn this very simple, yet effective exercise to do with your dog.

Curb Walking

This simple exercise can add an additional element of fun and challenge during your dog’s recovery

Weave Poles Exercise

Step it up a notch with this proprioceptive exercise that is a combination of strengthening and balance.

Additional Videos

Measuring Your Dog’s Muscle

Having a baseline is key. Learn where to properly measure your dog’s hind leg muscle atrophy.

Walk-Jog-Run Exercise

Though simple in concept, this exercise is one of the keys to a safe and successful recovery when properly executed.