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  • Sale! glycanaid maintenance

    GlycanAid® Maintenance

    GlycanAid is a daily natural joint health supplement specifically designed to provide all the essential ingredients your dog needs for a lifetime of healthy joints. This veterinary exclusive formulation has pure ingredients to keep your dog active.

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  • Sale! glycanaid ha

    GlycanAid® HA

    GlycanAid HA Advanced Joint Health Formula is specifically designed for those dogs requiring the maximum degree of protection and support to maintain the structural integrity of their joints and connective tissues.

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  • flexerna omega green lipped mussel and fish oil supplement

    Flexerna Omega®

    Flexerna is a patented and research proven powerful natural anti-infammatory produced using the extracted oil of the coveted Green Lipped Mussel of New Zealand, natures leading source of Eicosatetranoic Acid (ETA).

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  • dermaid skin supplement


    DermAid with MSM™ is a complete nutritional supplement designed to promote optimal skin and coat health utilizing a unique combination of ingredients that work synergistically.

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  • tush harness


    T.U.S.H. The Ultimate Support Harness for Dogs. This All-In-One Support Harness is everything you need to help your dog in their time of need. T.U.S.H over-delivers when it comes to the safety and support.

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  • rehabilitation guides

    Rehab Guides

    TopDog’s Home Rehabilitation Guides for Pet Owners have helped tens of thousands of dogs recover safely and successfully after surgery. These simple to follow guides, which offer informative step-by-step instructions to recovery, are now internationally recognized as the standard in post-surgery client education. Select your dog’s surgery.

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  • dogs don't cry

    Dogs Don’t Cry Book

    Dogs Don’t Cry: Dispelling the major misconceptions about joint pain in dogs, teaching you what to look for and improving dogs lives forever.

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  • rehab dvd

    Home Rehab Instructional Videos DVD

    Topdog home rehabilitation instructional video showing how to perform therapies and exercises.

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  • Sale! dermaid skin and coat care

    DermAid – Bonus Offer

    DermAid with MSM For Dogs

    $24.95 $19.96
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  • Sale! GlycanAid joint supplement

    GlycanAid Maintenance (60 Tab) – Bonus Offer

    GlycanAid Maintenance Formula (60 Tab)

    $31.00 $24.80
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  • Sale! glycanaid ha joint supplement

    GlycanAid HA (60 Tablet) – Bonus Offer

    Advanced Joint Health Formula (60 Tab)

    $39.00 $31.20
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