Dear Dr. St. Clair,
I am very pleased with the support harness which I purchased for my darling dog Charlie just before his scheduled TPLO.  It has been very helpful–he had a follow-up check up on Monday and using the harness I was able to lift him from the car seat and gently set him on his feet rather than let him jump down — I am not sure I could lift him without the harness.
I have meant to write to you previously to thank you for your Total Support Harness.  A friend ordered one for me when my precious senior, Zoe, began to have difficulties.  Zoe had degenerative myelopathy and eventually lost the ability to walk.   The sling enabled me to carry her when she needed to be carried, to support her when she needed to relieve herself, to safely help her up and down stairs, etc.  Zoe died on March 1, 2013, just two months before her 16th birthday.  I could not have lifted or carried Zoe without the support harness–she was a big girl.  Thanks to the support harness, Zoe got to enjoy her life for a little while longer–to have more treats, more massages and brushing, more winter sunbaths on her blankets when she could bark happily at the little dogs barking at her next door.  Thank you for the additional time Zoe and I had together–every day was very precious.